Tides of Voltage

Debut EP

Produced by Filip Ruisl & Dominik Novak
Design, packaging: Filip Ruisl
Released on Exitab in September 2013


.soundscapes is a collaboration project between Filip Ruisl and Dominik Novák (Triple Sun, The Blackwood Incident) combining synthesizers, field recordings and atmospheres to portray immersive,  journey-like sceneries. Tides of Voltage is the debut,  three track EP evoking three different sonic and atmospherical environments the listener is taken through. 

The packaging of the EXTB047: Soundscapes – Tides of Voltage release, containing three handmade
inserts with silver screenprint over the extended  cover photo.

As it's been said: "If we may, we advise you to listen to this remarkable journey as its meant to be. – on a nice pair of speakers or headphones,  ideally with your body buried into a comfy sofa without any distractions."


You can support the release on the bandcamp page of Exitab Label. 

Below you can listen to Panorama Exitab Mix 007: Soundscapes. Carefully selected tracks to accompany the release in an explanatory vibe, featuring Raime, Mokira, Shuffle358, Xosar, Demdike Stare and others.

unofficial video  for the Part 3 by Rtep Kesirov


Produced by: Filip Ruisl & Dominik Novak
Design & packaging: Filip Ruisl
Record label: Exitab

Released: September 2013